Berkeley Pedestrian Master Plan

Safe. Comfortable. Enjoyable. Accessible.

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Project Overview

The City of Berkeley is updating the 2010 Pedestrian Master Plan to ensure walking is a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable way for everyone to travel around Berkeley.

The update will build on the previous plan by identifying opportunities to improve sidewalks, paths, and other places people walk. It will provide fresh direction on how to sustain and expand upon the numerous pedestrian initiatives already underway.


May–June 2018


Vision and Goals


We will work with our Advisory Committees and use initial public input to develop the vision and goals that will guide the Pedestrian Master Plan update process.

June–Sept 2018


Existing Conditions and Needs Analysis


We want to hear from you about the issues you face walking in Berkeley and where you would like to see improvements.

Sept–Dec 2018


Initial Recommendations


We will compile the community input received to inform the project and programmatic recommendations. These recommendations will be shared with the public before the final plan document is developed.

January–July 2019


Draft and Final Plan


We will draft the final plan, connect with the community for feedback and review, and then develop the final plan for the City Council to adopt.

Tell us where YOU WALK

Use our interactive wikimap to show us where and why you walk in Berkeley.


Help us answer questions such as:

  • What kind of trips do you make by walking, how often these trips are made, and how far do you walk?

  • Where do you walk and where would you like to walk?

  • Why do you choose not to walk?
  • What should the city prioritize?
  • Help us better understand who you are, so we can better serve your needs.

Get involved

We want to hear from you!  We’ll be holding pop-ups at  events throughout the summer to gather input and share updates about our progress.


Check back here to review draft documents and maps as the project moves forward.


2010 Berkeley Pedestrian Plan

2003 Berkeley General Plan